Pigment composition of putatively achlorophyllous angiosperms


Chlorophyll and carotenoid pigment composition was determined for ten species of putatively achlorophyllous angiosperms using high-performance liquid chromatography. Four families were represented: Lennoaceae (Pholisma arenarium); Monotropaceae (Allotropa virgata, Monotropa uniflora, Pterospora andromedea, Sarcodes sanguinea); Orobanchaceae (Epifagus virginiana, Orobanche cooperi, O. uniflora); Orchidaceae (Cephalanthera austinae, Corallorhiza maculata). Chlorophyll a was detected in all taxa, but chlorophyll b was only detected in Corallorhiza maculata. The relative amount of chlorophyll and chlorophyll-related pigments in these plants is greatly reduced compared to fully autotrophic angiosperms.

Plant Syst Evol, 210, 105–111